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Log Styles

Chalet Style Log Home
CHALET STYLE, Full Round logs, Saddle-notched log ends
Adirondack Style Log Home
ADIRONDACK STYLE, Deep porch across front of house, Continuous roof with angle over porch
Handcrafted Log Home
HANDCRAFTED, Full Round Logs, Saddle-notched ends
Chalet Style Log Home
CHALET Style, Double Round logs, Raised with framed basement
Ranch Log Home
RANCH, Full Round Saddle-notched logs
Reproduction Vintage Log Home
REPRODUCTION 18th CENT, Flat Logs, Chinking, Dovetail ends

Log Ends

Saddle-notched Log ends
Saddle-notched Log Ends carry into the
interior of house at corners.
Saddle-notched Log Ends
Double Tongue-and-groove Saddle Notched
Dovetailed Log Ends
Dovetailed (usually flat logs)
Handcrafted Log Ends
Handcrafted (small and large alternate)
Butt-and-pass Log Ends
Butt-and-Pass “D” Logs Round on the outside,
Flat on the inside, All logs the same size
Butt-and-pass Log Ends
Butt-and-pass Double Tongue and Groove D Logs
Swedish Cope Saddle-Notched Log Ends
Swedish Cope Saddle-Notched
Round Vertical Corner Post Log End
Round Vertical Corner Post